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What Should you Know before Coming out as Bisexuals?

No matter who you are, coming out as bisexual is a difficult thing just like being a bisexual. You have realised your bisexuality and have accepted it. Then you may decide to come out of the closet. You may want to stop and think about whether you are doing the right thing before you will actually do it. Once you do that, the best thing you can do is to prepare what to say and what to expect. Luckily, you’re not alone. Many people at our couple dating site have really positive experiences about coming out and often regret not doing it sooner. We have collected some positive experience from our members to give you some tips for coming out!

What Should you Know before Coming out as Bisexuals

1. Don’t label yourself if you don’t like that.
If you are not comfortable with the lable of bisexual, you don’t need to do it right now. You may not ready about coming out. Not everyone is ready to deal with old prejudices, by coming out and known to everyone you are a bisexual need courages. Never feel forced to identify as bisexual.

2. Be proud of who you are.
Your sexual orientation is not something you should feel ashamed of. Learn to not care what others say or do about bisexuals. Members from our couple dating site are willing to tell if your asking. Be positive and firm in who you are so that people can know that they won’t harm you by saying bad things. Not to say people who really love you won’t say malicious word to you even if they don’t accept your bisexuality.

3. Coming out though social media first.
If you are not comfortable with the idea of being face-to-face talking. Try coming out on Facebook or Twitter first. It is much easier to come out here than to people around you. You can simply change your status on Facebook or post a update on Facebook, as well as on Twitter. From the sharing experinence of members at our couple dating site , some of them only join bisexual communities, like some bisexual pages and make some comments there, then just let people figure out what you are.

4. Decide who to tell first.
It will make things easier if you have chose the right person to tell first. It won’t take you too long to think about who are most likely to be supportive. What you should do is to choose one friend or family member who you trust more than anyone else. Then tell he or she that you have something important to share, which you have been thinking over and over for a long time. If it is the right person to tell and he or she is supportive as expected, it will help to build your confidence to tell the rest of the world.

5. Get tips or experience from people who have came out by reading their come-out stories.
You can find stories of coming out at many bisexual communities, even bisexual dating sites and some couple dating sites. By joining any bisexual communities or bi sites, you can find many bisexual friends there. Talk to them and ask tips for coming out, they would be happy to give you a fiver.

Never Think About Bisexual Women in this Way

bisexual women

1. They are just scared to come out as lesbians.

Coming out as bisexual is not a halfway status towards “full” coming out. Though It could never be  an easy option for all the bisexual women. You may know of someone who first identified as bisexual women before coming out as lesbians, but that doesn’t mean all the others are the same.Don’t think every bisexual women have not made their minds up. They are bisexual.

2. Bisexual women are greedy.

Although Bisexuals stands for the third word B of LGBT, they still face much discrimination, compared to lesbians and gays. Bisexual women are always considered to be greedy when they are exposed to the people around since they can date and have sex with both men and women. While love knows no gender, that’s bisexual.

3. Bisexual women are addicted to threesome. 

Dont think bisexual women in that way. Some bisexual people are in open relationships or like to have casual affairs more, just like straight ,gay and lesbian people. All we need to know is that threesome is not the unique feature of bisexual women. It’s really weird when you ask whether they have frequent threesomes or not, please stop doing that.

4. Bisexual women will undoubtedly go back to men.

That’s not… what happens for sure… Bisexual women haven’t “gone back to men” because that’s just “what happens!”  They are bisexual and they love both boys and girls. They have no idea who will they meet next time, just like all the rest of us, neither the genders of the future lover’s.

5. When bisexual women are in a heterosexual relationship, they are back to straight.

Sexual identity is not based on the gender of the people you happen to be with in a relationship at a time. Bisexual women are always a bisexual woman once they are identifying themselves as, even if thay may in a heterosexual relationship sometime, they are still bisexual women.

How to Meet Bi Couple in your Area

The fast pace of the society does not make it easy to meet and connect with others who  have the same interests as you, especially for those special groups of people, such as bisexual people.While one of the intersting thing is that there are increasing numbers of sinlge bisexual people seeking bi couples. Since bisexual singles dating bi couples become more popular today,we will discuss about how to meet bi couples in your area.

bi couplesAs the Internet become one of the most important ways for people meeting and communicating, more and more people are seeking friends or love from the internet nowadys. As the consequences of such needs and desires, online bisexual dating beacome polular today.

Seeking bisexual couple over the Internet can be the best way for those single bisexual people to meet some.There are so many bisexual dating sites specially designed for bisexual people on the internet since online bisexual dating, as a matter of fact, has become a flourishing industry for the impropriety of such kind of site.

Single bisexual people meeting bi couples at online bi sites benefit a lot. They can avoid being normal underestimated by people around  like in most cases . Joining bi sites is a perfect way as it allows you to meet fellow bisexual people just like you which you possibly not be able to find outside the realm of the internet.

To make it better or more effectively, you can join those bi sites specificly designed for bisexual people seeking bi couples. That is, using couple dating sites. Seeking bi couples at a couple dating sites allows you to find others who have similar goals with you.  With a simple profile crated, you can heat up your relationships and expand your reach to others that are interested in a similar approach to dating.