Never Think About Bisexual Women in this Way

bisexual women

1. They are just scared to come out as lesbians.

Coming out as bisexual is not a halfway status towards “full” coming out. Though It could never be  an easy option for all the bisexual women. You may know of someone who first identified as bisexual women before coming out as lesbians, but that doesn’t mean all the others are the same.Don’t think every bisexual women have not made their minds up. They are bisexual.

2. Bisexual women are greedy.

Although Bisexuals stands for the third word B of LGBT, they still face much discrimination, compared to lesbians and gays. Bisexual women are always considered to be greedy when they are exposed to the people around since they can date and have sex with both men and women. While love knows no gender, that’s bisexual.

3. Bisexual women are addicted to threesome. 

Dont think bisexual women in that way. Some bisexual people are in open relationships or like to have casual affairs more, just like straight ,gay and lesbian people. All we need to know is that threesome is not the unique feature of bisexual women. It’s really weird when you ask whether they have frequent threesomes or not, please stop doing that.

4. Bisexual women will undoubtedly go back to men.

That’s not… what happens for sure… Bisexual women haven’t “gone back to men” because that’s just “what happens!”  They are bisexual and they love both boys and girls. They have no idea who will they meet next time, just like all the rest of us, neither the genders of the future lover’s.

5. When bisexual women are in a heterosexual relationship, they are back to straight.

Sexual identity is not based on the gender of the people you happen to be with in a relationship at a time. Bisexual women are always a bisexual woman once they are identifying themselves as, even if thay may in a heterosexual relationship sometime, they are still bisexual women.