Emmerdale: Robert Sugden Confirms his Bisexuality

Robert Sugden has been portrayed at being bisexual in the British soap opera Emmerdale. He came out loudly for the first time to his boyfriend Aaron Dingle that he is bisexual. The character showed romantic interest in Aaron Livesy since his return and recast in 2014.
Fans of Emmerdale has praised for representing bisexuality as the moving scenes. The epsiode focusing on Robron also shows his struggles with coming out to his dad. The couple cementes their love for each other in a touching conversation before Robert went on to propose. Some fans were just so delighted since they had been waiting years for the scence.
While bisexuality remains woefully under-represented on television, the conversations between Robert and Aaron in the episode are already being tipped as some of the best moments in the couple’s story. Twitter was also buzzing with praise and excitement with the scence.couple dating site