Couple Date Idea for Bisexual Couple Dating

When you finally meet bi females online and has established a relationship with one of them, it can be hard for you to get some good couple date idea for your bisexual dating. Even long-term relationships need to go on a date to spend quality time together occasionally. We’ve found that many bisexual couples from our couple dating site feel stuck in the “couple date idea”. So, for those who running out of date ideas for “bi couple dating” here are some ideas provided for you.

couple date ideas

1. Play sports or do exercise together
You can play tennis, golf, bowling, as well as ski slope together. Or you can do some training and exercise in the in the gym. It not only makes a fun date, but also a relaxing and healthy date.

2. Volunteer together with each other
What is good way to enjoy yourselves and feel good at the same time? That will be volunteer somewhere together. If both of you love animals, check out your local rescue league, animal shelter, or ASPCA chapter. If you love kids, volunteer at your local library,or become a mentor to a younger kid. Make DIY homeless care kits or volunteer with a local organization. Whatever you two care about, there is always a way to volunteer together and make a difference. Helping others can be a great way to spend time together and do some good in the process with feeling good about.

3. Learn a new thing together
It can be free or paid, locally or online. You can take a dance, painting, or photography class. Learn something new together can be meaningful. Other bi couple dating idea for lean new things can be a new language, a new skill…

4. Do something together outdoors
Fresh air is good for us all. Enjoy a nice day outside walking around or have a picnic at the park. It is a good chance to get out of the house and do something fun out together in the sun. Another good outdoor idea for bi couple dating is – Rent bikes and go on a biking tour with map founded from organized bike tours on google.

5. Watch a sport event together
It can be football, baseball, basketball or something else both two of you are interested in. Sports are good not only when you are doing it, but also when you are watching it. That is the charming of the sports,like music. If you two happens to love the same team, that will make you bi couple dating better!

6. Dinner and movie marathon at home
Dinner and movies can be special if you do it in more romantic ways. The best couple date ideas are the ones that have been thought about and planned. We suggest the bisexual couples plan a nice special dinner at home, and then carry it out together, from buying original material to cooking. Then you can enjoy the meal with nice soft music. The next happy hour goes to movie marathon. Each of you pick some movies (no arguements) and then you can cozy up on the couch with snacks and the remote.